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UK VAT registration

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax that is levied on the sale of goods or services. Your UK company must have this record if the company's turnover during the fiscal year exceeds £85,000 or if billing is expected to exceed that amount within the next 30 days.

Sometimes, even without exceeding this limit, VAT registration is required. Therefore, it is recommended that your company get ahead of you and do it. At UK Companies Co we advise you throughout the process to successfully register your company's VAT  so that there are no delays in processing and issuing your VAT number.

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Our VAT registration service

The VAT registration process is not complicated. This is what we will do to carry out the procedure.

  • With the information you provide to us, our experts will complete the VAT01 form needed for your company to successfully apply for your registration number for this tax.
  • Once completed, we will email you the completed form for you to sign.
  • Once you have signed it, you must return it to our hands to send it to the appropriate office.

You will receive your VAT number directly from HMRC (UK Treasury) within approximately 10 business days. This is the usual time, however, in busy seasons, it can take up to a month for your VAT number to provide you with it.