Certificate of compliance in uk


Certificate of Good Standing

A certificate of good standing is proof that a business has been run correctly. It shows that since a limited company’s incorporation, it has been in continuous and unbroken existence.

This certification can only be issued if no process is being handled to remove the company from the UK commercial register. In addition, at UK Companies Co, we only issue this document if your company is fully updated with your documentation.

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¿Why apply for a Certificate of Good Standing?

The main reason for applying for a  Certificate of Good Standing is if your company is planning to do business abroad. If it`s your intention to expand your business to other countries, you must provide this document to prove that your company is legitimate and properly formed.

This document only includes basic information about your company such as:

  • Names of directors
  • Address of the registered  office
  • Capital issued
  • List of subscribers
  • Date of incorporation
  • Verification that the company is up to date with regulatory documentation.