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What you need to know about formation and managing companies in the UK

Most names are appropriate, but there are certain exceptions:

  • The name cannot be similar to or equal to that of a legally registered company.
  • Names that may be offensive or hostile are not allowed.
  • Limited/Unlimited words can only be used at the end of the company name.
  • The words, international or international, undergo a verification to confirm that the company is present in at least two other countries.

If, if you do not comply with certain aspects the name may be rejected, in this case, a UK Companies Co executive will contact you to make the change. There is no additional charge to forward the name of a company code.

We advise our customers to display your company name at:

  • Business letters
  • Corporate emails and other electronic documents
  • Official publications
  • Company website
  • Promissory notes, bills of exchange, checks...
  • Goods financed on behalf of the company

Yes, it is a legal obligation to be registered at Companies House, this is the official registrar of UK companies. We process and assist you step by step in the setting up of your company. Request this service through our contact form.

Yes, this may happen, but it's not common. With our advice, the likelihood of a rejection is very low, should it occur, it may be because the company name is considered inappropriate by UK standards, or that the application information is insufficient. This should not be a cause for concern, our advisors will aid you in the process and afford you the help you require need.

The registration of a company in the United Kingdom, the details of the company are held by Companies House, and the publicly available information includes the names and addresses of shareholders, directors and secretaries, the Articles of Association, and a summary of annual and financial statements.

All company information must be kept up-to-date, and any changes must be notified so as not to fall into a breach of regulations. Our service  manages this process so that it is not a concern for you.

A company in the UK can be made up of a single person. You must have at least one director, and this may also be the sole shareholder. There is no established limit for directors or shareholders.

Yes, you can request the change of details for directors, secretaries, or other company members through a Change of Officers Application form which that we can provide you with. This information must be updated before Companies House. The process is quick, usually taking a day.

For the registration of directors, secretaries and other members of the company, you only need to file the application with us and we will manage it for you.

The registered office is a legal requirement for the establishment of any company, this is a public information that anyone can access. This is the address where the different government agencies will send documentation to the company.

At UK Companies Co we can offer you a registered office service. This will help you to set up the company and have a presence within the country.

Private companies that have not been active for a minimum period of three months, and do not have assets or liabilities, may request their removal from the register.

Yes, all companies registered in the United Kingdom have a legal obligation to submit their financial statements. The amount of information varies according to the size of the company. And if the company is out of business, inactive accounts must be submitted. In both cases we manage the process in compliance with the established procedures.

The set time is within nine months of the accounting period. If this is 12 months, the time for account delivery is 21 months after the company's registration date.

This depends on the date of incorporation of the company, and corresponds to the last day of the month of registration. For example: If your company was registered on July 2, 2020, the accounting date will be July 31, 2021.


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