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Resignations and appointments of directors

For one reason or another, the director of a company may leave office. And in that case you must make the appointment of a new one. Larger companies generally make this decision at a General Assembly. If the board, in a majority case, approves the appointment of a person as director, the latter may begin to perform its duties immediately.

In small businesses the process is often more informal, so the decision to appoint a new director may arise from informal and ad hoc discussions between shareholders and directors. In either scenario, the company must inform Companies House about the resignation of the director and the appointment of the new one within 14 days.

Documentation Services

Appointments of directors

At UK Companies Co we can process this application against Companies House. Our  service  includes  the  necessary documentation for this such  as:

  • The resignation letter from the current director. This is the letter where the current executive indicates that he or she wishes to withdraw. You do not need to provide a letter of acceptance of the waiver, but if you do we recommend that you keep a copy for your internal records.
  • The director’s resignation act. It is the minutes of a board meeting where the director’s resignation letter is accepted and approved.
  • The resolution of the director’s resignation.
  • Complete and submit the form TM01 to Companies House.
  • Email notification that the application has been accepted by Companies House.
  • Delivery of digital documentation by email within 2-3 days.