Apostille documents in uk


Apostille service

If the company you set up is a Limited Company (Ltd), and you don’t reside in the UK, you may need to “Apostille” certain documents, for your overseas paperwork. Some companies also require that the documents from the company be officially legalised in the UK.

At UK Companies Co, we manage your Apostille Certificate, which enables you to officially authenticate your own company’s documents for use in other countries. The Official authentication is provided by The Department of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the British Government (FCO).

Documentation Services

Types of Documents to Apostille

Once your business is set up, you may need to Apostille documents for different reasons; to open bank accounts overseas, for instance. The Apostille Certificate attests that all the signatures and stamps are legitimate and that these may be used to issue:

  • Certificate of  incorporation
  • Certificate of  shares
  • Memorandums and Partnership Articles
  • Other documents as requested