Company Types

Limited Company (Ltd)

This is the most requested type type at UK Companies, as these are in themselves Legal Entities; the owners are called “shareholders”. In this type of business, the liability of its shareholders is always limited and restricted to the value of its constituent shares.

If you want to incorporated a business in the UK to attract investors, this is your best choice, as these are companies aimed at anyone who wants to start trading, adding credibility while protecting their personal assets

Benefits of incorporating an Ltd in the UK

  • Is a type of company with high credibility and trust, so it is the best option to start your business.
  • The personal property of directors and shareholders is protected.
  • Protect the company name and prevent someone else from negotiating  under it.
  • Legitimate business expenses can be claimed against taxes.

Public Limited Company (PLC)

A type of Limited Company whose main feature is that its shares are available for purchase and sale to the public. In such companies, the liability of the partners is limited to the share capital represented by their shares. Such companies require a mínimum capital of 50.000 pounds.

If you want to create a company with a prestigious profile, with greater access to capital and the ability to quote on the stock exchange, the Public Limited Company (PLC) is the type of partnership you need. UK Companies Co has experts who manage this process successfully when requested.

Benefits of incorporating a PLC in the UK

  • Shares can be sold to the public.
  • You have the possibility to enter the Securities Market
  • It gives the company a more prestigious profile.

Limited By Guarantee (LBG)

A type of Limited Company that does not issue shares, as it has no shareholders or invested capital. It is controlled by its members, who have the role of guarantors. That is, they guarantee the company's liability to its creditors through a fixed amount known as colateral.

This company is often used by political parties, as well as by charities or non-profit organizations, private clubs, sports organizations, community projects, among others. At UK Companies Co we have extensive experience in incorporating these types of companies, so we can provide you with all the advice you need, and manage the whole process for you.

Benefits of  Incorporating an LBG

  • It provides transparency and offers broad credibility.
  • Allows you to obtain intellectual property under the company name.
  • The liability of the members is limited to a nominal amount that they agree to pay in case of liquidation of the company.
  • Opens a business bank account


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